• It combines Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Image Processing technology to classy and count the number of dishes.
  • This system obviously advance the control of fresh food and dish quantity, and also increases the customer satisfaction.
  • System could provide the taken amount of the dishes. It makes the quantity of purchased ingredients easy to control.
  • User could set the time of auto-export report to facilitate the quality analysis or hot dish analysis.

  • Success Rate: The success rate of identification has been measured up to 92%.
  • Auto-Learning: Through auto-learning, the system enables to memorize the dish feature automatically.
  • Dish Notification: If the dish identification is successful, while the number of current dishes is less than setting value, the system will send a signal to inform the staff.
  • Time Traceability: If the dish is put for a long time, the system will inform the staff to remove the dish.

Type No.

Capacity (PCS/MIN)



ANN-Sushi-01 100 30-150 10~70